The "Secret" That The Dutch King Did Not Want To Tell

By Joseph Smith JUL 31, 2023
in Health Tech

As the first male monarch in 120 years, King William of the Netherlands is required to attend many events. His busy schedule has taken a toll on his health. As he ages, he is constantly plagued by hemorrhoids, which make him can't  move smoothly and bleed in the stool.

However, after using ReliefHem, the problem that had bothered him for ten years was finally solved.

Why Did The Dutch King's Hemorrhoids Bother Him So Much?

Dr.Cole found that what troubled William the most were the recurring of hemorrhoids, this was closely related to William's daily life.

Activities such as walking and going to the toilet could cause hemorrhoid tissues to rupture, allowing bacteria to invade and worsen the infection. The hemorrhoid tissues would then continuously swell, with cell proliferation far exceeding the speed of inflammation resolution at the infected site.

Therefore, based on this conclusion, Koel chose witch hazel, a plant certified by the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research for its excellent anti-inflammatory effects, as the main ingredient. However, it did not achieve the removal effect as well as theoretically proposed.

Inspired by female hydrating spray cosmetics, Dr.Cole wondered if the form of use might also be a factor affecting effectiveness.

So, he created two specimens for a comparative experiment, selecting the active ingredient in a solid form and an oily form for comparison. Surprisingly, the degree of bacteria inactivation and the speed of new cell growth in the latter were 1000 times that of the former!

However, the oily liquid's hydrophobicity resulted in less-than-perfect effectiveness. So, he used the UE plus extraction technique which develop from the skincare plant active cell Ultrasonic Extraction technology, achieved a hydrophilic liquid state of the active ingredient. Ultimately, he developed a product called ReliefHem that effectively inhibits and eradicates hemorrhoid tissues.

The Permanent Hemorrhoid Solution

After 3 years of product development and testing, Dr. Cole finally succeeded in perfecting the complete effectiveness of this product. As a result, William successfully overcame hemorrhoids.

Distinguishing itself from chemical medications on the market, Dr.Cole used a variety of natural plants, such as chamomile and aloe, to eliminate hemorrhoids in a gentler and non-irritating manner. These plants are rich in analgesic properties that alleviate pain. With these pure natural ingredients, there's no need to worry about any side effects even if the liquid accidentally comes into contact with other parts of the body.

Additionally, Dr.Cole adopted a long-nozzle spray form to easily address internal hemorrhoids. It can effortlessly penetrate the body, allowing users to operate it conveniently anywhere without help from others.

With the easy application method, various natural active ingredients work quickly.

 All Natural Herbs, No Chemicals & Non-irritating.

· Witch Hazel - Witch Hazel contains tannins and other compounds with astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. These substances can bind to the surface of hemorrhoid tissue, creating a protective barrier that effectively kills and prevents 99% of bacteria from entering the wounds.

· Aloe Vera - Aloe vera contain abundant amounts of api-genin, a compound known for its analgesic properties. This compound deeply penetrates both external and internal hemorrhoid tissue, aiding in the repair of damaged cells.

· Chamomile - The unique bioflavonoids found in Chamomile effectively reach the pectinate line of internal hemorrhoids, promoting increased blood circulation in the perianal vessels. This helps reduce the likelihood of developing new hemorrhoids.

ReliefHem Hemorrhoid Spray offers rapid pain relief. The active ingredient in the liquid state quickly passes through the skin tissue in a freer molecular form to the infected area, using its own properties to combat the lesion and the inflammation it possesses.

With long-term use, the antioxidant content of witch hazel greatly reduces the aging and disease-causing chances of dermal tissue cells. It eliminates hemorrhoids permanently without surgery or having to endure the irritation of chemicals on the injured area.

Why Over 1,000,000 People Love ReliefHem

"I've been dealing with hemorrhoids for years and this is by far the best product I've ever used. The spray provides instant relief and I've noticed a significant improvement in my symptoms after just 3 days. I appreciate that it's made with natural ingredients too."
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"Pretty good! Patience makes work. In 2 weeks I felt that itch starts to minimized and swollen recedes.on the 4th Week hardly feel itching reduced to may say by 90%. At present getting better. But still continue applying it I believe till totally eradicated my hemmoroid. Thanks." 
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"I was pleasantly surprised by the results I got by using this product. I had a long history of painful hemorrhoids and thinking about surgery which my dr. was completely against. I saw a great change after using a few days. I started using the spray for fissures and that feeling went away. now I don't have any problem but I still use both spray twice a day. love it."
- Jennifer, 47
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