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Hemorrhoids quietly get bigger when you don't notice, causing you more pain and making it difficult to perform normal daily activities such as sitting, walking and exercising. 
If left unchecked, it will lead to complications that lead to life-threatening conditions such as thrombosed hemorrhoids that require surgery, infections, rectal prolapse which can lead to rectal necrosis, and colon cancer. Grab the hemorrhoid problem when these dangers are not present!

Quick Solution For Long Standing Hemorrhoids

● Targeted Pain Relief

ReliefHem uses extracts of natural herbs to quickly reach inside the hemorrhoid tissue with extreme activity, providing rapid pain relief within 1 minute.

● Fast Stop Itching

ReliefHem specializes in a liquid form that allows them to diffuse quickly, reaching damaged areas to help alleviate the itching.

● Heal In Minutes

The powerful Witch Hazel helps to stop bleeding, thus allowing wounds to heal quickly.

How ReliefHem Achieves?

● Powerful Witch Hazel

Various tannins, known for their strong astringent and anti-inflammatory effects. They penetrate both internal and external hemorrhoidal tissues, forming a barrier that kills and blocks 99% of bacteria from the damaged area. 

● Natural Sedative

Aloe Vera and Chamomile are known as natural relievers, rich in special bioflavonoids, quickly enter the hemorrhoidal pectus line, enhancing blood circulation in perianal vessels and reducing the risk of new hemorrhoids, thus treating and preventing them.

● Utraltech Extraction Technology

ReliefHem employs the latest ultrasonic extraction technology to maintain the active ingredients in their most efficient form, retaining maximum activity. This ensures lasting repair on the affected area.

Long-term Use Results

● No More Inflammation 

Inflammation is a major issue in disease. The ingredients don't just relieve pain, they can help your white blood cells work together to fight inflammation and soothe injured skin tissue after long-term use.

● Eliminate hemorrhoidal tissue

After stopping bleeding and inflammation, the powerful calming ingredients present in ReliefHem can help speed up your cells to heal themselves, thus returning swollen tissues back to their normal state.

● Prevention Of Recurrence

Witch hazel effectively prevents the regeneration of hemorrhoid tissue by inhibiting the production of disease-causing compounds. Eventually the hemorrhoids can't flare up.



30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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How To Use?

No help needed throughout the whole process!

Clean The Target Area
First clean the hemorrhoid area with warm water or wipes to ensure no visible stain remains on the affected area.

Spread Your Legs
In an enclosed area, find a comfortable position and spread your legs to expose the affected area.

Press The Nozzle
Gently press the nozzle 4-6 inches from the affected area for 2-3 seconds. If necessary, spray by placing the nozzle inside.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Before I discovered ReliefHem, I suffered from persistent and painful hemorrhoids that severely impacted my daily life. Since using this all-natural spray, my symptoms are now gone, allowing me to live comfortably and confidently once again.


The spray bottle is so easy to use and mess-free. I'll never go back to creams again. This product has really made a difference in managing my hemorrhoids. It's a must-have in my bathroom. After 2 days, I feel better!

Julie, 56

I had my doubts that this would work. Be patient and apply as directed (3x/day). It works! Took about 4 weeks to completely disappear, but it did it! Quality product! 

Emily, 29

I never thought I'd find relief from my hemorrhoids, but this cream proved me wrong. ReliefHem Hemorrhoid spray is no less than a miracle worker! The relief was almost instant, and I can finally sit comfortably again. I'll never go back to other creams!

Jessica, 35

ReliefHem Hemorrhoid spray is the ultimate solution I've been searching for! My symptoms vanished, and I'm in awe of this little bottle's power. I no longer dread dealing with my hemorrhoids. I'm a lifelong fan! Thanks!

Aaron, 43

ReliefHem is a game-changer! I was free from discomfort and itching in record time. This magical little bottle has turned my life around!

Samantha, 51

I tried every cream in the book until I found ReliefHem. I was blown away by how quickly my symptoms vanished! It's like a power-packed punch in a tube. I'm a fan for life!


This formula was amazing and I was very close to painful surgery. This should be a treatment in all doctors offices. I keep a bottle year round and ready to share with my familes in need.

Mark, 32

I've been dealing with hemorrhoids for years and this is by far the best product I've ever used. The spray provides instant relief and I've noticed a significant improvement in my symptoms after just 3 days. I appreciate that it's made with natural ingredients too.

David, 62

This is an excellent product. It does work as intended. It has an anti inflammatory, soothing effect as it's working to shrink the tissue back to normal. ReliefHem has proven a quality company with excellent customer service. Thanks.

Jay, 55

Excellent product. My situation is moderate but the product keeps swelling and pain down to almost nothing. Awesome!

David, 41

This is the only product I have found that works for this ailment. I tried dozens of products to no avail before finding this. I would suggest it to anyone to give it a try.

Barbara, 35


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How Long Does It Take To Heal My Hemorrhoids?
    One bottle is a course of treatment and it can support you for 7 days, 98% of people are cured after using seven courses of treatment.
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